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акция до 6 июля по китайскому времени
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  • kipbmk
  • 06 июля 2017, 00:10
под спойллером оригинальное сообщение
Дополнительная информация
Dear my friend,
Big Good News to You!!!
We open a new women bag store.(«Princess Sissi bag»)
Now we have a Freebies Activity for Our Bags.You could get brand bag free!
How to apply for Free Brand bag?
1.Chose your favorite Bag,Add the bag to your Wish List and Cart.
2.Add our store to your Favorite Store
3.Contact us and provite pictures to show that you have done as we request
4.Waiting for our messsge.
5.Get the bag at only $0.01
6.Write your freebie review
1.For the three handbags in the poster,each bag we will choose a person as a freebie
2.Send Two screenshots to us,collect product and collect store screenshot.
3.If you are not the one we chose,you will get coupons from us.
4.We will publish who is the luckey guys in our store' poster
Activity time:From 30 June To 6 July
Time Limit, do not miss it!!!
if you are on Aliexpress App, you can search for “Princess Sissi Bag” find our store to take part in.
Our store link:
Go for it!!!
The link URL of the product in the Freebies:
In Youtube has our Brand Bag fashion show, a wonderful performance, hope you can like it:
Please believe that we are the most honest seller.If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know. In our Princess SiSSi bag store (https://www.aliexpress.com/store/3028022),we have professional customer service for you.Please contact us show the secreenshot in Princess Sissi bag store.We will try our best to serve you.I hope we can become friends.Thank you very much.
Best Regards
  • -VOL-
  • 06 июля 2017, 00:12
1.For the three handbags in the poster,each bag we will choose a person as a freebie
3.If you are not the one we chose,you will get coupons from us.

Всего 3 сумки и то только по выбору.
Остальным купоны.
И то не факт что кто-то выиграет даже эти 3 :)
факт, и даже понятно кто)


Princess Sissi
с понижением, ваше величество!)

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