Скидки на некоторые велотовары к 11.11

Магазин предоставил скидки на велосумку, велошлем и велокуртку.

Велосумка Docooler
11 ноября цена будет 6,44$
Made from oxford cloth, durable to use.
A layer of XPE foam for lessening shock and collision.
Widened reflective straps where you can hang a warning light as well, specially for your safe riding at night.
Quick-release system, convenient to install or uninstall it.
Detachable mechanism with a shoulder strap can change the role of it as a front tube bag or handbag or cross body bag.
Two small bags for holding phones and the like.
A rain cover is provided for you.

Велошлем LIXADA JC-002
11 ноября цена будет 14,09$
Lightweight integrally-molded EPS bicycle helmet.
25 vents bring cool air in and flush warm air out, well-ventilated.
Soft removable, washable, antibacterial pads for best wearing comfort.
Rotary internal regulator adjusts the tightness of helmet.

Велокуртка ARSUXEO
11 ноября цена будет 22,61$
Three layer fabric: Mesh polyester surface, water-resistant micropore thin film mid layer, soft warm fleece lining.
Underarm zipper design for good ventilation.
Reflective logo and stripe for safe riding at night.

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